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Status: Gathering Kudos

Please add turn by turn audio directions so we don’t have to always be looking at our phone while on an activity. I’d personally use this for cycling but I imagine it’s useful for many other activities as well. 


  • If you need to save battery you could turn your phone screen off and navigate purely by the audio directions. (For activities where you may be watching the app mid-activity, like cycling)
  • Saves you from the disruption of pulling out your phone for directions mid-activity. Stay in your flow!
  • Not having to look at your phone in a busy area is safer, especially on a bike.
  • Completes Strava as a navigation app, meaning less need for other devices, and people are more likely to subscribe for Strava Premium. 
Mt. Kenya

strava, please consider partnering with bikemap.  Strava's route creation and social media sharing combined with bikemap's turn by turn navigation would be a great solution.

Mt. Kenya

I’ve moved to a new town and it’s basically impossible to ride and use routes without turn by turn voice. Please add it - I’ve been a premium subscriber from the beginning to support the company. Thank you. 

Mt. Kenya

Just started my free trial so I could use routes. Was shocked when I discovered there is no turn by turn audio. Will cancel before free trial is up. May consider re-subscribing if they add this simple feature. 

Mt. Kenya

I am really enjoying using Strava for running but would be even more happy to have audio navigation as a part of the subscription service!!! It’s so silly to have to pay other companies for this feature when I could just be paying Strava for it… I’ll pay extra on top of the subscription service just for this feature to be native to the app. 

Mt. Kenya

Please integrate the feature for audio navigation. When running I don’t want to have to look at the phone screen to know where to run. I just want to start the navigation, turn on my headphones and my music and be able to hear where I have to run. Basically like in every other navigation app. Thank you! 🙂

Mt. Kenya

Please add this functionality for premium, the routes functionality is only missing this from being a complete solution!

Mt. Kenya

Any updates on this one?

Mt. Kenya

I assumed this was a feature with my Strava premium subscription and was really disappointed when I went to enable it. Trying to follow a route in Santa Cruz with a web of trails meant that I was constantly having to stop to check the map. Strava, please figure out a way to integrate TbT! 

Mt. Kenya

Not having this feature is my only complaint with Strava.  Having it allowed with my apple watch would be great since the watch's gps is more accurate than my iphone.

Pico de Orizaba

I feel as if Strava is leaving money on the table (from potentially paying customers) by excluding navigation as a feature. However, I wonder if they are legally limited as to what functionalities their software is responsible for.

Mt. Kenya

Online Destination Navigation

- Almost like Google/Apple maps search function embedded into the app while running.

- Would provide directions to potentially multiple different points all while running and without having to custom set before heading out

- Instead, what I’m doing is having to switch between multiple apps.


Thanks, and appreciate any feedback.

Mt. Kenya

I’d like to see turn by turn navigation directions 

Mt. Kenya

Please add turn-by-turn navigation. You have the routes now let us use them!

Mt. Kenya

I currently do this using Google Maps, listening to directions through a single earbug so I can cycle routes that are new to me without getting too lost. But Google Maps is designed for motorists getting from A to B rather than meandering cyclists like me (and millions of others), preferring to take personalised routes along quiet country lanes rather than the fastest (and busiest) roads. This idea really would be a winner for the app. Do it Strava. Do it, do it, do it!

Mt. Kenya

The only explanation for why Strava doesn't have turn-by-turn instructions is that they in kahoots with RidewithGPS, Garmin, etc.  Cash and/or favorable treatment (integrations) are definitely changing hands.