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Status: Gathering Kudos

Please add turn by turn audio directions so we don’t have to always be looking at our phone while on an activity. I’d personally use this for cycling but I imagine it’s useful for many other activities as well. 


  • If you need to save battery you could turn your phone screen off and navigate purely by the audio directions. (For activities where you may be watching the app mid-activity, like cycling)
  • Saves you from the disruption of pulling out your phone for directions mid-activity. Stay in your flow!
  • Not having to look at your phone in a busy area is safer, especially on a bike.
  • Completes Strava as a navigation app, meaning less need for other devices, and people are more likely to subscribe for Strava Premium. 
Mt. Kenya

How is this not available? Please add audio cues via headphone for turn by turn, including when you’re off course. Please!!! 

Mt. Kenya

I can't find any hint that you are even considering Turn by Turn Directions. What's the deal?

Mt. Kenya

I'm having trouble justifying my Strava subscription with such a basic feature as turn by turn directions missing.  Should also mirror turn by turn directions on wear OS devices by now, so when I'm running I don't have to carry a phone.  My smartwatch with GPS and data should be all I need 

Mt. Kenya

Hey Strava-team. It would be so meaningful to have the option to use routes on smart watches without mobile phones. 
All I can see on my Apple Watch are the Preferences and the option to track an activity. That’s not a lot, is it?

Happy to move on with you. 

Mt. Kenya

I really need this. It's annoying to not have this feature and i have to go to ridewithgps for it!

Mt. Kenya

This feature alone would justify the subscription price and is something competitive apps do already! (Komoot, Ride with GPS, etc). It feels like table stakes, STRAVA: anyone exploring your app for the first time would expect it to do turn-by-turn on day one. 

Mt. Kenya

I'm considering buying another fitness app's premium package in order to have an audible turn cues feature - I'd let my Strava membership lapse and go to free version,  as frankly not getting lost is valuable, and I don't want to pay for multiple fitness apps. This really should be available at this price point.

Mt. Kenya

Pls 🙏 I’m a new Strava user and finding routes was a huge draw but not having audio directions and needing to pull out my phone all the time feels like…what’s the point

Former Member
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Still nothing?

Such a terrible thing that we have to use a second app to be able to navigate our routes.