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As Challenges have now been deemed as meaningless as Strava, I quite Fancy the Nordic Skiing badge, but can't ski and can't get to anywhere with snow.


Therefore I propose Strava adds Walking to the skiing challenge, so I can get the badge without having to go skiing.


This is a great idea, I think walking should count towards other sports too. Just one example, I haven’t got a bike, but would love to be able to get the cycling challenges. Just think of all the badges Strava subscribers could achieve, if only walking could count towards ALL sports. After all, if you’re not a really fit cyclist like me, you have to get off your bike to walk up a steep hill, so with that in mind, cycling and walking are basically the same sport. Walking feels like cycling to me. Wouldn’t that be more inclusive for everyone Strava?


What a good idea! I feel that those of us who live in mild climates should be able to get the snowsport badge. It is sometimes frosty on my walks so more or less the same as ice skating. Come on Strava, make walking count towards that challenge too.

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