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Status: Gathering Kudos

Please add Ukrainian to the app. At least for basic functions. After the outbreak of the war, the issue of language became very important for Ukrainians. Many Ukrainians have switched to their native language, and they would be very grateful to use Ukrainian instead of russian.

Below I describe why it is important to use Ukrainian instead of russian. And why the language issue in Ukraine is very sensitive.

The spread of the russian language in Ukraine is the result of russia's imperial policy. The imperial authorities systematically and consistently pushed the Ukrainian language out of use starting in the 18th century. I would recommend that you read this article on Wikipedia entitled "Chronology of Ukrainian language suppression": The English-language article does not contain the entire chronology of the oppression of our mother tongue, the full list is in the Ukrainian version of the article.

However, Ukrainian became the language of literature, entered public and political life, and maintained its position as a spoken language. Despite the fact that the empire, and later the Soviet government, killed our writers, singers and cultural figures, the Ukrainian people managed to preserve the Ukrainian language.

After the fall of the USSR, russia did not stop russifying independent Ukraine. Through russian-language media, films, music, and obstacles to the opening of Ukrainian schools, it systematically pressured Ukrainians to accept russian as the only language. They could not break Ukrainians, but they could break the people of Belarus, for example. If you read the articles, you will be surprised that Belarusians do not know their native language and refuse to speak it. This is all a systematic russification of other nations in order to justify their crimes in the future.

I ask the developers to add the Ukrainian language to the application, it will be a very important contribution to the promotion of the Ukrainian language among Ukrainians from the eastern regions of the country, who have been under the greatest pressure from russia. It will also make Ukrainians from the western regions very happy. Thank you very much for your attention.

Mt. Kenya

I support this suggestion.
Please add the Ukrainian language. It’s the right thing to do.

Mt. Kenya

Unfortunately, the site doesn’t allow me to like this idea. Hmm, why is it blocked?

Mt. Kenya

Good idea 👍

Mt. Kenya

I agree. We need ukrainian language in app.

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos

Thanks for submitting your idea. It has been reviewed by our moderation team and is now open to voting.
@shestopalov @Chubaka21 @i_ok you can vote on this idea now by clicking on the kudos icon in the post above!

Mt. Kenya

Finally, this issue has risen. There are a lot of people who use Strava in Ukraine to track activities.

Mt. Kenya

Would be nice, I am pretty sure community can help with translations if needed.

Mt. Kenya

We need Ukrainian language 

Mt. Kenya

Support! It is important!

Mt. Kenya

Треба 200% додати 🇺🇦 мову🙏

Mt. Kenya

Повністю підтримую Ігоря, який підняв цю тему. Хоча я сам російськомовний. У Strava повинна бути українська мова.

Mt. Kenya

I support this suggestion.

Please add the Ukrainian language.

Thanks 👍

Mt. Kenya

How to help in adding Ukrainian? 

Mt. Kenya

Мова визначає кожну людину за її приналежністю до країни. Додаток зібрав в собі багато країн, багато людей з різними національностями. Вважаю, що толерантно було б щоб додаток і підтримував інтерфейс мов кожної країни. 

Mt. Kenya

it would be great to have it

at least it will be easier for Ukrainians who do not know English