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Pico de Orizaba
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Ten year age bands are fine for younger athletes but as you get older these bands need to be narrower (suggest 5 years) to allow for the more rapid degradation in performance expected at this age. Surely a 64 year old can’t be expected to compete at the same level as a 55 year old. So perhaps after the 45 to 55 band it should go to 55 - 60 and 5 year increments thereafter.

Mt. Kenya

I m nearing the age of 70 and and find I refer mostly to check my standing among others in my age group. With the baby boomers coming into that age group would you consider adding a 70's age group?

Thanks, Ron

Mt. Kenya

This is frustrating.  I am in the 75+ category and found a local 45 year old and a 50 year old with posted times in my AG.  Obviously they didn't enter their age and Strava uses the 75+ AG as a dumping ground for those who can't seem to enter their age.  Adding an 80+ category might solve my problem but just moves it to the next AG.  The obvious solution is to place everyone without a stated age in a miscellaneous AG - very simple. I signed up again with the large price increase but if this continues I will drop out - this is the only way to get attention in my view.

Mt. Kenya

Hi. Love Strava. But I have a suggestion: in segment leaderboards the max age range is 65 to 69. How about adding a few more age ranges (e.g. 70-74, 75-79). At age 69 myself, after the OD ticks over to 70 it'd be nice to know who else out there is still going strong.

Mt. Kenya

How about an 80+ age category. At present those of us over 80 have to compete with all over 75 (current highest age band is 75+) on Strava's leaderboard.

Mt. Kenya

Hello! I'm going to be 80 years old next year! I've been riding and competing for over 60 years! I'm sure there are many more like me that want to continue with Segment challenges, etc. Please consider adding an age group "80+" for this group of athletes.

Mt. Kenya

once again, when will you do shorter age categories after 50 y.o...I can tell 63 is not like 55...big gap in performances, I'd like like Strava to address that topic and propose options, thx, Pierre

Mt. Kenya

once again this important issue is raised and once again it sits with no response from Strava 

very frustrating 

maybe Pete46 is right, cancel your premium membership and see if that gets some attention.