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Status: Gathering Kudos

Since Strava has access to all activities, their names, and their analysis per lap, it would be possible to create patterns for renaming the activity based on how everyone is renaming them. For example:

  1. Evening run -> 10*400 @3'25"/Km (based on laps that match distance and duration)
  2. Evening run -> Fartlek 12k (based on pace variation per lap) 
  3. Morning run -> Half Marathon (based on the distance)
  4. Lunch run -> Hill Intervals (based on the gain altitude per lap)
  5. Morning run -> Athens Marathon the Authentic (based on route and date)
  6. Similar for rides, brevet, granfondo ...

Ideally this would be an option or a pop up suggestion when the activity is synced.

Maybe this is the way to "force" a pattern as to how we all could name our activities in a similar default way. Renaming should remain as an option.


I don't think there is any general pattern how people name their activities. This would be more a request for a special tailored Strava API App, where you can set up individual patterns and that App renames the activities for you. Maybe such an App exists already, I didn't look. See 

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos

Thanks for submitting your idea. It has been reviewed by our moderation team and is now open to voting.

I believe there are some third party sites such as that currently do this.

Pico de Orizaba

I agree that I don't think there is any general pattern to how activities are named, and I think it would make Strava boring if everyone was "forced" as you say to name in a conventional way. 

For a very long period of time, I named all of my runs on Strava with a quote from Forrest Gump from a line that had the word Run in it - I don't think AI is going to predict that. 

Currently, it is probably better to know that if someone's activity simply says "Morning Run", either they haven't had time to change it yet, or they never do. In the former case, I'll sign back on later to see what they call it. In the latter, I've probably hidden their activities from my feed. I'd rather not have to figure out if AI is naming activities and then start hiding activities that have the same "forced" formulaic names. 

Finally, this just doesn't really seem like a good use of developer resources.

Pico de Orizaba

As @Soren has mentioned, does that.

It will prompt Chat GPT passing some of the activity metadata (speed, power, distance, weather etc) and come up with a single cool name for that activity.

Disclaimer: I'm the dev 🙂


@Jan_Mantau even better. ML models and can step in and provide a "personalised" pattern based on how each user is renaming his/hers activities.

@optimisticprom I don't get why you would prefer "evening run" over "5*2k @4:30/km" but that's just me. Being part of a running team training for all kinds of distance events, all connected via strava, doing similar workouts, and comparing data, this feature would be super useful. It would be easier for search purposes as well. Maybe "forced" is a strong word. Suggestion would be better.  And yes, some limitations will apply. Forest Gump quotes as a title would break any case any day.  However, renaming significant events, or specific workouts would be great as a prompt after syncing. I would love to see a pop-up like this:
"Hey, it looks like you have just completed the Boston Marathon. Do you want to set this activity type to race and rename it to: 28th Boston Marathon?"

@Soren and @igoramadas thanks for pointing out this to me. A first comment is that it requires a lot of user input to create some unique rules. I'll try it out further.

Thank you all for the feedback and comments. Much appreciated.


That would be neat to have a tiny bit more intelligence and have my 5k called Morning 5k instead of Morning run

There is another one called but that's just random film quotes and puns.

strautomator is interesting, if it could pull the training details from a Garmin training plan and rename/update description that would be a very cool feature!

Pico de Orizaba

@VikK Garmin has a very restrictive API, and at the moment there's no Garmin integration in Strautomator. That might change in the future thou.

From personal experience and from feedback I got from a few users, the Chat GPT integration is working pretty well 🙂 I am checking the logs regularly and tweaking the prompt to get it as unique and individualised as possible.


ok you might tempt me to try!