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Status: Gathering Kudos

It would be great to allow a user to report a segment of its own activity as aberrant (GPS error).

I often ride with friends in the City. Yesterday, we went through a tunnel, my GPS lost the signal and this resulted in an aberrant speed of 285Kph. I got two undue KoM, etc. It would be great to allow users to report a segment of their own activities as aberrant without the need for other to flag the all activity.


To the best of my knowledge, you can do this already.  You can flag your own activity.  (You have to use the website, not the app.)  However, you will loose all your segments on that activity, because there's no ability to flag an individual segment... just the entire activity. 


I have dealt with this situation by splitting the Activity into 2 parts and cropping the parts to remove spurious GPS data.  It seems to work OK as data for achievements in the other Segments is preserved.


This would be a great feature.  Flagging your entire ride doesn't solve the issue because it is only a small part of the ride that is the problem.  There is no reason someone should lose legit achievements or statistics for an entire ride just due to a short GPS glitch or mis-association to an adjacent segment.  Likewise, I wouldn't want to have to split/crop out a portion of my ride just because it got associated with a parallel segment.  I still rode the distance, just not on the segment that Strava matched it to.  The best thing would be to have the option to remove a segment match from your activity if you knew there was a GPS glitch or an incorrect match.  This is right along the same lines as the other request that has been submitted regarding having the option to flag a specific segment effort within someone else's ride without having to flag the entire ride.  

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Pico de Orizaba

The functionality should be enabled on the app too.