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It would be useful to be able to specify that an activity includes segments of multiple types. I have segments specified for walks but I like to class scrambling or rough walk activities as hikes to single them out. Hike activities may include walk segments but when this happens the walk segments are not associated with the activity. Similarly hike or walk segments that are followed on activities I class as rock climbs are not associated with the activity. A day rock climbing could easily involve segments of mountain biking, hiking and walking. It makes no sense to recreate the segments and falsely call them rock climbing just so they are recorded. Hence It would be useful if it was possible, for each individual activity, to be able to specify what segment types should be included. A default of just the main activity type with an option to select others would be ideal.

Mt. Kenya

That's 100% necesary. 

Thank you David 


@Jane you moved my idea as a comment in this thread but I think they are substantially different.  

My idea/proposal is basically to restructure the way Strava works and handles the different activities. It is thus a superset of the feature listed/asked for in this idea. So this idea here would be a particular use case/result of what I’m proposing. 

Moderator Moderator

Hi @DavidCV 

Thanks again for your idea.  We merge overlapping ideas together, including ones that are subsets and/or supersets of each other.  This gives your idea the best chance of being reviewed by our Product Team, as it ensures suggestions about a particular theme or feature are consolidated in one place.   This also prevents votes from being split across multiple, related ideas.

Rest assured the comments are reviewed as we strive to understand the different ways Athletes want to see a feature implemented.  

Thank you. again for your input.

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Mt. Kenya

Can we not split sports in a Leaderboard of a group e.g.
Athlete -  Time, Activities, Cycling time, Cycling distance, Cycling etc, Running time, Running Distance, Running etc?

The same member athlete in a group participate in different sports. The members request their positions on the leaderboard under the various activities.