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Sprinting is very different than endurance running or jogging. Sprinting is studied as a separate athletic activity because of its different physiological and health related effects. 
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Sprinting should be a separate Foot Sport because it is inherently different. Scientists study sprinting because of how it affects the body differently from other athletic activities. Therefore, we should track it separately.
And sprinting helps athletes excel in other sports because it is a maximum intensity pursuit. And many athletes include sprinting in their training to maximize their abilities in other sports. Therefore, sprinting should be tracked as a separate athletic exercise. 

Sprinting is also known for its ability to lower visceral fat which is negatively impacting people’s health around the world. 

Thanks for considering this. 

Pico de Orizaba

If i do sprint intervals on my bike, I still log it as a ride. Same as when i do zone 2. Doesnt really make sense to add a seperate sport type for sprinting when its running, but faster. See what i mean?

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