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Status: Gathering Kudos

As someone with somewhat limited vision, I'd very much appreciate if font sizes in the iOS phone app were bigger, or,  much better - adjustable. Either in the app settings, or via Apple's dynamic type. 

"Dynamic Type lets people pick the font size that works for them."

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Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Mt. Kenya

Agree, Strava please look into this.. the Garmin Connect already support s dynamic font for ios

Mt. Kenya

Agreed, you should be able to select the font size in Strava, and be able to Zoom in and out to change the Text sizing (not just the map sizing), like most Apps on the market?


Strava have today changed the display of the ride stats on their mobile app by introducing the Bold typeface but at the same time, reducing the font size by about 3 pt - making it difficult to read (compared to the way it was before this change). For what it's worth, I think this change to the font (size) is a step backwards. It's a fine line between innovation and changing something for change's sake. I think the change to the font size here is the latter. Whoever is behind these recent 'innovations' - i.e. font size, weekly snapshot and irritating 'motivational' notifications - clearly doesn't use the product.

Mt. Kenya

Agree. Font size is entirely too small. Difficult to read without reading glasses, which is a huge disadvantage when exercising. 

Mt. Kenya

The app font size is way too small. I have a friend cycling across Spain and he writes an interesting daily blog… that I strain to read with my glasses on. 

The ability to choose the font size would be a massive improvement 

Mt. Kenya

Seriously Strava, please increase the font size of the heart monitor. It's so small that I find it impossible to use during a ride. Therefore, I'm very reluctant to use the app. There are others that have made the heart rate much easier to read.

Mt. Kenya

Agree! Especially the comments. The font is super small on my iPhone 14 mini. I can see ok but I can barely read it. 


Same here. Size of the text in the app is very small. I like to be able to customize it and increase it. Otherwise, I need to wear my glasses at all times while using the app. 

Mt. Kenya

Second that. My dad is looking for a new app to log his rides and walks but unfortunately the font is too small for him on Strava app so he deleted it. And there appears to be no way to change it within the app. That is how Strava looses subscribers. I kindly ask Strava to introduce the font size customisation within the app. This is not just eyesight issue but also age issue, as it will be people from 40 onwards who require reading glasses and of course one does not want to wear reading glasses during cycling. As the most popular sport logging app on the market, I hope Strava can make this request from community seriously, please. It does not harm other users, if anything it helps everyone as different people have different preferences and different access needs.

Customisation as to what is displayed on the screen when cycling would also be useful. Some people may only be interested in distance and/or time, and not the speed x

Mt. Kenya

Agreed x1000.

The smallest UI text (for things like the date & time of an activity, activity description, or labels like “2 comments”) is *criminally* small.

That, & the inability to customize text size, are an appalling accessibility nightmare. Apple should block apps for stuff like this.

(I’m on an iPhone 15 Pro Max.)