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Status: Gathering Kudos

Please add the function to flag activities from the mobile app.  It is inconvenient that it is only available from the web version of Strava.  It's a simple feature, so not sure why it hasn't been added to the app previously.  It was requested repeatedly through the previous feedback forum.


I would vote yes on this one. I'm purely speculating that maybe they are worried about potential abuse, like inappropriate flagging, but imo the benefits outweigh the risks there. I know they already throttle flagging, because I've been throttled after flagging a dozen-or-so activities in vehicles on a single segment (crazy how often it happens on certain segments)... so they could easily have some internal limits and algorithmic checks to help govern flagging through the app. 


@eric   If you agree with it, please give the post kudos so it shows the support.  Yes, they already have a check in place to keep people from abusing the system.  Personally, I tend to get many of my notifications of people taking my KOMS with e-bikers or vehicles when I am traveling and don't have access to a computer to do anything about it.  The website is very difficult to navigate using the web browser on a phone.


Yeah I totally agree with that, I gave up on trying to flag all the KOMs I lose to vehicles (mostly mountain bikers who forget to stop it before driving), because it would be a part time job. Doing it in the app would be a lot easier. 

I will, but it's not open for kudos yet. I think it has to move into public voting phase. 

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos
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Kudos added 👍

Pico de Orizaba

Totally agree - it’d also be nice to have more transparency on what exactly flagging an activity does. Does it just remove from leaderboards? Does a strava employee review the flags? 

Mt. Kenya

This is a no brainer. 
The app is more used than the web version and should have this feature. 
By the time you get home you've probably forgotten to log on and flag until you see it in the app again. 

Mt. Kenya

Yes, and also with a possibility to comment. Most of my flagging is due to the person has used the wrong gender. It looks stupid when men top the QOM (or even is on the list). 


As @eric says it is mostly people in vehicles. It staggers me that these are not automatically flagged.

I appreciate that a lot of things like ebikes are difficult to detect, but it should be trivial to write an algorithm that detects a MTB rider getting in a car.

Even "rides" going over 100km/h on a hill don't get flagged automatically.