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Hi! I would like to suggest an edit to "Walking". As a Personal Trainer & Running Coach I have many clients with a range of abilities and goals. Many of them report it discouraging that Walks/Walking is not counted towards their weekly totals, or able to be tagged as a workout. I feel that by adding the ability to denote that Walking is a workout the Strava community could be more inclusive to those who are building up their abilities!


I recall seeing this suggested repeatedly over the years. I would vote yes on it. Personally, I would like to see ALL activities counted toward "totals". We can then look at individual sports (run, bike, swim, etc.) to see the totals for those sports. I would love to also easily see how many hours I've invested into all forms of training YTD. Why would I not want to count kayaking, skiing, etc?

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Please add more Type options for walking similar to what is offered for running (Workout, Race, etc).  As a runner who is currently benched from running, but able to brisk walk, Commute is not accurate. I will also be walking my 8K race tomorrow, which again is definitely not a commute.  PR tracking for walks would also be nice.

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Hello @Kjrector1987 

Thanks for posting about this!  We have an existing feature suggestion regarding walks.  View it here

I've merged your post with that one.  This helps us keep the forums organized and makes sure suggestions are easy to find and votes for them aren’t divided across duplicate ideas. Don’t forget to show your support by clicking on the kudos button, and of course feel free to add any additional comments.

Thank you again.

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Hello @Andreww15 

I'm happy to let you know that there are several ways Athletes can track walking totals on Strava.  

On your own profile page on the web, you can see your personal stats for the sport types you uploaded most frequently within the past 90 days, including averages for the last four weeks, totals for the year, and all-time totals.  For example I can see I've walked 819 miles so far in 2023:


There are a few different places you can view walking stats on the Mobile App.  If you go to the You>Progress Tab, you'll see a weekly chart that lets you select a sport and then shows your distance, time and elevation for that sport for the week.  You can select different spots along the graph to see previous weeks:


If you scroll further down, you'll see the Training Log.  You can use the filter icon to select a single or group of activity types to view in the log.  More on Training Log here

You can also set a walking goal on the Mobile App, and track your walking progress against that goal.  Find out how to set goals

I hope this is helpful.

Jane (she/her)
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