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Status: Gathering Kudos

I think it would be really neat to allow users to display one of their Trophies as a sort of badge next to their profile photo. Similar to how the Strava membership icon shows up in the upper right corner of users profile photo, a virtual trophy could be displayed in the bottom left or right corner.

What would this look like? As I imagine it, users would be able to go into their Trophy Case and select which of the Trophies they want to display. Once selected, a mini version of the trophy's icon, that currently only exists in the users trophy case, would be displayed with their photo. 

What is the benefit? Many of the trophy designs are really unique and quite cool looking, but as of now just sit in a "Trophy Case" that, to the best of my knowledge, most users don't really utilize. By allowing users to add a trophy to their public facing profile photo, they would be able to highlight an organization or cause they care about (e.g., 26.2 for St. Jude, LLS Blood Cancer Awareness Month), a brand they love (e.g., Nike Lace Up & Go, CLIF BLOKS Party), a new distance record (e.g., October Half Marathon, November Marathon), or just a really neat design (e.g., Gorewear Commit to All Conditions Challenge). 

By implementing this idea, not only would users gain a sense of customization over their profiles by making the trophies they earn a more integrated component throughout Strava, but it would also add to the social aspect of the platform ("Oh you're highlighting X challenge, I also support that brand, cause, design, challenge, etc.).

Overall I feel this would be a simple yet effective cosmetic (and therefore I believe more simple) change to Strava that would have a big benefit for all user by simply highlighting an existing feature in a more prominent manner. 

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