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Status: Delivered

I would love to be able to have different shoes set as my default for walking vs. running, as well as a different default bike for road vs. MTB.  I often forget to change which shoes/bike I did what on, then that messes up my milage tracking (for when to change shoes or tires/tyres).

Moderator's Edit: we are excited to announce that we launched default gear by sport on May 9, 2023. Now, you can set default shoes and bikes for different foot and cycle activities! We appreciate any and all feedback on this feature so feel free to continue to leave comments in this thread. However, if you have additional suggestions we invite you to submit a new idea. For more info on how to do this, please click here

Mt. Kenya

It would also be great to select equipment depending on route/surface characteristics and distance. Eg if it's less than 5 miles I'm probably using my old biker for the station; if there is any dirt I am almost certainly on my MTB not road bike etc. Thanks 

Mt. Kenya

Does this mean I can set a default bike to Commute and a separate bike for Road for activities synching from Garmin Connect to Strava? I can't seem to work out how to do this.


@agwilsonau since "commute" is not a Sport Type, but a tag within "Ride" -- you can't set default gear for commutes explicitly, but for each different Sport Type itself (for example ride, mountain bike ride, trail run...)

There are however some 3rd party sites that you can use (mentioned in the comments) that allow you to create automations and assign gear for rides tagged as commutes.

Mt. Kenya

This doesn't seem to work for "Indoor" rides that are NOT virtual. I am riding on a trainer, but not using any kind of virtual type of software (and not planning to). 

How can I make sure that all my indoor rides are assigned to a specific bike? This is a valid use case for anyone on a trainer.


@tom it’s the same thing with Indoor Runs that are not Virtual. They use the default Run shoes, when it would make a lot more sense to use the Virtual Run shoes.

Mt. Kenya

This feature is great, but would love to split out the default run to "indoor run" and "outdoor run". I typically use one pair for Orangetheory and track my treadmill miles using the "indoor run" activity on my Apple Watch, and use a separate pair of running shoes for my outdoor runs.