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Status: Existing

From my Materials list, for example Shoes A with 393kms history, add a way to see all activities made with these shoes. 

Explanation : Sometimes, we forget that we have new shoes, and activities are made with the default ones. It can be really helpful to filter the activities that has been made with the old ones, in order to easily update the used shoes on each activities to the new one. 

In addition, when you are dropping a shoe to the bin, it can be a good moment to look a last time on all the activities you have made with these lovely shoes ! 


You can do this in the web: Go to Training/"My Activities", filter the Sport to "Run". A filter for shoes appears then.

Status changed to: Existing
Moderator Moderator

Hi @SebRob 

Thanks so much for your post.  As @Jan_Mantau mentioned, there is a way to filter your activities by shoes.

On the Web, go to Training> My Activities Direct link is here

Then select "run" from the sport drop down list, and the shoe filter will appear.

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team