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Mt. Kenya
Status: Archived

Importance: Integrating Concept2 devices with Strava would make the platform an essential tool (including the advanced analytics features in the Strava premium subscription) for rowers, skiers, cyclists, and other athletes who rely on these devices for their daily training.

The PM5 (Performance Monitor 5), the standard computer unit across all three Concept2 devices, offers wireless connectivity that could be leveraged to enable seamless workout syncing with Strava. This integration would provide a more comprehensive and convenient training experience for Concept2 users, allowing them to track progress, analyze performance, and engage with the Strava community.

Details: The proposed integration would include:

  • Automatic syncing of workouts from Concept2 devices to Strava via the PM5's wireless connectivity feature
  • Detailed workout data, including distance, time, pace, calories burned, and Concept2-specific metrics like average pace and split times
  • Accurate categorization of Concept2 workouts (SkiErg, RowErg, or BikeErg) for easy filtering and analysis
  • Seamless integration with Strava's existing features, such as kudos, comments, and performance analytics

By implementing this integration, Strava would demonstrate its commitment to supporting a diverse range of athletes and their preferred training methods. The Concept2 community would benefit from having a centralized platform to track and share their workouts, leading to increased motivation and engagement. Moreover, Strava could attract new users who prioritize Concept2 devices in their training, strengthening its position as a leading fitness platform in the market.


Did you ask the Concept company about that? It's their responsibility to provide an integration to Strava. Strava only has to give them the appropiate rights for the necessary number of users and accesses.

Mt. Kenya

Fantastic Idea

Mt. Kenya

The concept 2 devices work much more like a heart rate monitor/sensor than a wifi connected device with the ability to send data to an api.

Status changed to: Archived
Moderator Moderator

Hello @SpeedySkier55 

Thank you for posting about this.

Concept2 has an existing integration with Strava, and it's possible to configure your Concept2 activities to sync to your Strava account.  Instructions can be found here on the Concept2 website.  Here's an example of what a rowing activity synced from a Concept2 rower looks like in Strava:

Activity page Rowing.png

We do not currently have an activity type for skierg on Strava, but you can vote for that in this existing idea submission.

Thanks again for taking the time to share your thoughts.


Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team