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Pico de Orizaba
Status: New Idea

Sometimes when i go on rides or mountain bikes with friends strava doesn't recognise it. its strange because a lot of the time i come up on my friends activity but they wont come up on mine. We also start and finish in the same spot. Is there a way you could pair people up more easily?

I know you can select them after the activity but this creates a big second post on the strava 'wall' which i find silly. Mayb when we add friends to our activity via the manage group button, dont post the big second post thing to the wall and just add them 'quietly'? 

Pic below is what i mean by quietly. 

added here 'quietly'added here 'quietly'


Below is the big second post im referring to. It creates a mess on the wall and isnt needed.

dont do this when we add friends to an activitydont do this when we add friends to an activity