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Status: Gathering Kudos

I cannot find a type Indoor Bike, I have a Concept2 bikeErg and I added this to my gear, but both type and category do not match this kind of bike. Off course the logs unloaded via the Concept2 app are ok, but I miss the possibility of the right type and category in My Gear.


Hi @wwwYnand can you confirm that you're asking for "BikeErg" to be added as a new type of bike for available gear (among the current options: Road, Gravel, Mountain, TT, and Cross)?


Hi @Soren,

Yes that's correct BikeErg als a Gear, but also with the option "indoor cycling" added.

Is that helpful?

Best regards, Wynand 






Status changed to: Gathering Kudos

Thanks for clarifying your idea. It has been reviewed by our moderation team and is now open to voting.


I use Wahoo SYSTM with a Stages indoor trainer bike. Wahoo uploads rides to strava as "indoor" rather than "virtual" which means in terms of gear they are just a regular ride. So all of my trainer miles get incorrectly attributed to my mountain bike because that's my default bike for all the outdoor ride types. To fix this I should be able to set a default bike for "indoor" just like I can for "virtual".

Mt. Kenya

Adding support for this feature request: Trainer Road workouts are automatically categorised as Indoor which is correct. But there is no option to allocate my Wattbike indoor trainer as the default bike for Indoor Rides. Please add 'Indoor Ride' as a default sport with the option to allocate a bike to it. 

Trainer Road bike workouts are not classed as 'Virtual Rides' because they don't have any associated virtual 'GPS data'

Many thanks for the development work you have done on Strava so far. 


Came here to say same, RE Wahoo SYSTM: all rides used to show up as "virtual ride," which is a default gear category in Strava. After an update last summer/fall, Strava started to categorize them as "indoor ride" instead, which doesn't allow a default. So I'd like to request a revision to have it be back the way it was (where SYSTM rides upload as "virtual ride"), or allow a default gear choice for "indoor ride." It's a real pain to manually change the gear assigned to every single trainer ride I do. 

Mt. Kenya

Added kudos to this request. Same issue with TrainerRoad as Like-Owl. Have a bike set as default for Virtual Rides, but the activities get auto-uploaded to Strava tagged as:

Sport - Ride
Type of ride - Workout
Tag - Indoor Cycling

So it auto-selects the bike as my outdoor bike, not the indoor one I set as default for Virtual Rides.