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Mt. Kenya
Status: Archived

Please bring back segments less than a .5 mile... there are so many segments for mountain biking that are .25 mile that can take 5 minutes to ride! Please bring back shorter segments. 

Status changed to: Archived

Thanks for your contribution, however, our Guidelines state: Requests to roll back launches or revert an update will be closed. This idea will be marked as closed. 

Pico de Orizaba

Why are requests to roll back changes automatically closed?

Surely any self-respecting company would be open (or, at least, would like to appear to be open) to the possibility of rolling back changes if it turned out that the majority of users wanted this? Personally, I too would welcome the option to have shorter segments. As a runner, the 500m minimum length rules out tonnes of interesting sprints - and especially hill sprints - in my area.