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It would be great if in Club activities you could choose qualifiying activities (same way as for challenges) or at least offer many different sets of similar type activities.

Skiing activities - there are: Alpine skiing, backcountry skiing, Nordic skiing, Ski/snowboard, Roller skiing, XC skiing + some other activities that could qualify for similar type of sports for the club (for example Garmin does not have roller skiing type of sport and sometimes users select inline skating instead).

I am raising this question because I recently went to see my local skiing club (group) to see what’s happening on the skiing scene but all I saw was Swift/rides/runs/walks and other unrelated activities. Since it is a local group I see the same activities in Cycling, Running and Local multi sport clubs. Investigating deeper the issue it appeared that there is no option for the club to show all types of skiing activities (or choose several qualifying activities). It is whether only one specific skiing or all sports.


Our Strava Group is primarily foot travel (hiking/scrambling/running) and our group stats only allow for total time spent on activities, not vertical or mileage. I'd like to have the option to select mileage or vertical instead for our weekly group stats as they are more applicable for us. 


Hi there, thanks for your post. Can you clarify if you're referring to a Club or a Group Challenge?

Mt. Kenya

I like this idea! Would like to see it customizable… for example our work group consists of a bunch of folks with different interests. Calories burned could be a great one too

Mt. Kenya

I run a club and the primary sport is running however many of us also cycle. Would love to see additional activities added so we can see member running (and cycling) leaderboards. Keep up the great work team! 

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Hello @MartinsSpreslis 

Thanks for submitting your idea. It has been reviewed by our moderation team and is now open to voting. I have edited the title of this suggestion to amke it easier for others to search and vote on. Thank you for your contribution.

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team



I am a Strava club owner of a growing water sport club. In 2 weeks, we have 80 athletes involved with the club and potentially growing. I want to inquire about the possibility of improving the options available for selecting a club's sport type. Triathlon clubs have the ability to have runs, rides and swims included onto the club's leaderboard. My idea is to create a new club sport type, "Water Sport" that includes the following sports: Canoe, Kayak, Row, Stand Up Paddle. 

I currently have my club's sport type as multisport. This can be problematic for us as snowboarding or running is not related to our club sport. Hoping this creates a path toward creating other club sport type options. 


Thank you Jane. I am prepared to offer more recommendations and provide more insight as to why this will be helpful for Strava clubs. I fear that some athletes may be considering leaving our club given that they work so hard to achieve a certain mileage paddling in the ocean weekly. But you have an athlete completing 100+ miles in a bike weekly, making this problematic in a club's leaderboard and the athlete's ability to strive. 

To recap my idea: Create a water sport grouping or paddling grouping that covers paddling related activities. (Canoe, Kayak, Outrigger, Stand Up Paddling, Prone, etc.)

I really hope this can be supported by Strava developers and leadership and not archive. Thank you so much.  


If the idea of grouping water sports or creating a paddling grouping isn't an option. Allow us to manually selective sport types for our club. 

I am curious as to why this hasn't been implemented by developers? Are there leaderboard problems when you combine different sports? 


@Joewvg I totally agree with you. It is the exactly the same issue as I have with skiing. While there might be clubs that show every activity of the members there are occasions when you want to show only relevant activities which are not the same sport. Same problem as I have with different types of skiing + I would like to add roller skiing , roller skating, ice skating etc. which are not skiing but still similar type of activity. Just as you explained about different watersports - you just want to choose everything that has some sort of paddling in the sport.



Hello Jane, 

What is the typical process for implementing these types of ideas? 

Mt. Kenya

We created an eMTB Strava Club a couple of months ago but in the drop down menu for sport type on Club  creation page Strava only offers generic Ebike option . Even though for Activities there is an Ebike option. 

Means that only those who ticked just Ebike for their activity type come up in Club Stats. 

Can this be corrected, Strava?