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Status: Gathering Kudos

For any clubs we're a part of regardless of activity type, there's always the weekly leaderboard for accumulated distance.  In smaller clubs, you might know quite a few of the athletes and maybe even routinely train with some of them.  But, you might not know how your best effort in something like a 10k stacks up in the club at large.

Suggestion: For a given club, list the best efforts or PRs of the top 25 (arbitrary number) in a given distance.  For example, in a running club, there would be a section/tab for "Club Records" and then a filter option for 5K. 10K, 10-mile, Half Marathon, Marathon, or 50K.  Again, not all distances, just the most popular.  Also, the time must be based on elapsed time vice moving time, regardless of whether it is marked as a “race”.

Regarding privacy settings, perhaps the easiest way to navigate that would be to have a an option to “Post my PR on club leaderboards.”  If your profile page is private, it stays that way, as well as any other activities not tagged in STRAVA as a personal record.  If you don’t want others looking at your activity, you just don’t participate in the leaderboard by leaving it unchecked.

The drive behind this is that you may look at the standings and challenge yourself to push higher up on the board, or pair up with someone else in the club who has already achieved your goal pace/time – discuss training plans, weekly routines, favorite course, etc.

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