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Status: Gathering Kudos

Why aren't the segments of MTB and eMTB not the same? it's easy, just create 2 different rankings for each existing segment, one for MTB and one for eMTB. me and my friends who switched to eMTB, we realized that there are very few segments marked for eMTB, less than 10% compared to those for MTB. 

Mt. Kenya

I totally agree with all of you.

Strava must think to resolve this big problem... 

Mt. Kenya

+1 for having separate leaderboards but the same segments

In my riding area most e-bikers are tracking their rides as a normal ride because they don't have own segments. They even couldn't create their own ones since all of our trails are <500m and strava increased the minimum segment length to 500m.


Stop posting people, Strava aren’t listening and don’t care.  They will take the money but are doing absolutely nothing!

Mt. Kenya

That’s not true, Malcb. Commenting is not as important as voting. Requests with enough interest are taken into consideration. It has already happened in the past.


@MrSpock75 - It is most likely that it was just coincidence that something asked for here was actually taken into consideration.  From what I have seen, the amount of support (votes or comments) means absolutely nothing.  Ideas with 6 votes of support (adding walks to the running challenges) got done right away.  The opposite with well over a hundred votes and I lost track of how many separate posts (many merged, so hard to track) are completely ignored.  Tons of other ideas with huge amount of support (dark mode, allowing flagging from the app, etc...) are totally ignored.  This forum is here to appease us and make us feel like Strava is listening to us.  


There may be reasons that Strava choose not to take up the advice given here and if so, it would be good if they could just share them with us.

My observation is that while Strava and its staff were helpful and open in talking here initially, that's no longer the case.

Strava has grown, like so many other big organizations, so they no longer need to care about what the members think and they can charge what they like for membership now without needing to offer any decent deals to anyone.

With Garmin devices breathing down their neck I think they need to up their game but maybe not.