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Status: In Development

It's 2022 and most apps have Dark Mode nowadays. It might be a bit weird to use Strava when not working out... But looking at the segments the night before to plan out the next run is a thing. Please make us literally lose less sleep when doing this, or when recording an activity in the evening.

This has consistently been the top request on

Reposted from features chat board to request board

Update from Strava:  

Thank you for the feedback on this feature. Our team is working on this and updates will be made in this thread as they're made available.


@george2106 I would LOVE to try your browser extension. Yes please publish it to the Chrome store. 🙏

Mt. Kenya

Please add dark mode. I would really help for a late night run or early morning bike ride. just please add it. Many good users are getting banned for trying to get dark mode. Plus strava will suffer if everyone leaves. So please just add it.

Mt. Kenya

I've cancelled my membership. My wife has cancelled hers. My friends are cancelling theirs. The white blaring screen must go. It's interfering with my sleep and causing migraines. 

I just learned today that Strava has started banning people for repeatedly asking for dark mode on the Strava club posts. 

I will not contribute to a company that ignores my health concerns and treats its users like this.

Add dark mode and unban the users or none us will be back.

Strava gets a huge thumbs down.


Third most commented post. The user community has spoken, yet Strava doesn't care.  I don't get it,





Mt. Kenya

We want dark mode. If you think we’re gonna stop asking, you’re wrong. 

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And while they won't actually listen to their customers, they choose to raise prices.

I'm out. Don't need you. BTW, who's your brilliant CEO? 


Wow, thanks for posting that. The people at Strava in charge of the price increase appear to be insane. But let's keep this discussion to Dark Mode. I was on my phone last night right after my partner turned off the light and went to sleep. I brought up strava, but then went back to other apps that had dark mode. Strava is just too annoying to use in that case.

Mt. Kenya

Same. I have stopped using Strava at night and in general due to it causing eye strain and migraines. My wife instantly asks me to turn down the screen if I accidentally click the Strava icon at night.

Here's how it seems to be going:


Strava user: I love the Strava app and have been using it for 10 years. However, recently, I’ve been experiencing an accessibility issue with the bright white screen combined with modern smartphone screens that reach 2300 nits. The screen is causing physical pain with my eyes and sleep disruptions. I’ve submitted an “idea” to the community hub along with the other 300 people who’ve commented and thumbed up the “idea” that other companies implemented years ago without being asked. I’m posting to the Strava club because it seems we’re being ignored.
Strava: You’re banned. How dare you ask to use our product without physical pain.
This is not a nice to have "idea", this is an accessibility issue. It's the same as an operating system allowing visually impairing people to increase the font size on their screen. 
Mt. Kenya

Just finished a group ride event where this topic came up. Literally 15 out of 20 of us are subscribers. After seeing the way Strava has been excluding and even banning people who have issues with seeing the screen, all 15 of us unanimously decided that we’ll be cancelling our memberships. It’s a pity to see how Strava has declined over the years. 


Wow @Briggs that is amazing. I've just decided to cancel mine as well. In my case, it's half the dark mode issue and half the way Strava has handled their current price increase (I am not opposed to price increases at all, just Strava's handling of it).

Mt. Kenya

I'm finding so many of the premium analysis and insights not useful. It all looks cool, but the data rarely is accurate and useful.  It all relies too much on heart rate.  Like most websites, Strava started off at a good price to hook people, and now the price is going to get jacked up on all of the faithful subscribers.  I roll my eyes at all of these nonhelpful premium features, when you can't even commit to implementing a useful feature like dark mode.  This is really disheartening for me and many others. Most people are just scrolling and would benefit greatly with dark mode. I don't know anyone that is checking out their power curve to try to calculate their workout for tomorrow. I still rely more on how my body feels than any premium analysis from Strava.

Mt. Kenya

Please give DARK MODE as an option on here. I pay for it but i can't look at Strava when im in a dark room cause its way too bright. 

Mt. Kenya

The amount of push from users for this feature is pathetic. All these people that spam every comment and create groups to target spam need to get a life

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