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Status: Gathering Kudos

I would really like to manage my favorite (starred) segments separately from segments that I want to sync to my Garmin device. There are a few reasons for that:

1) Garmin devices can handle only a relatively small number of segments. Theoretically the limit is 100 but in practice Garmin's implementation is glitchy - when the number of synced segments is large, it randomly fails to sync some segments and the sync time becomes too long (e. g. up to 10 minutes when on mobile network).

2) There are some segments that are extremely difficult or impossible to discover because they are long and have little popularity. I stumble upon segments like that by seeing them in someone's activity. I star as a way to bookmark them, so that I can run them some time in the future.

3) Starring a segment is a popularity booster. I star some segments because I don't want them to get hidden and deleted.

Basically I want to keep more segments starred, but Garmin's issues force me to unstar many segments and keep the list of starred segments short, which is opposite to the original intention of starred segments.

Ideally there should be a separate flag for whether a segment is synced. Synced segments should be a subset of starred segments. I would really prefer to go thorough a list of starred segments and select or unselect which segments should be synced. That would be great! 

Mt. Kenya

Agreed! I star segments I have gained a top ten in, but again, like you this is not something Garmin likes. I know Strava keeps automatic lists of KOMS bUt does anyone know a better way of seeing your top tens, and getting notified if you get knocked out of top ten?

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos
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Mt. Kenya

100% Agree. I star segments to bookmark them, I don't want to have them uploaded to garmin. I think Strava should add ''Saved segments'' - the ones you just save for yourself to find easily. And starred segments is a level up from Saved segments which means they will be uploaded to Garmin. This way you can just scroll through your saved segments and ''star'' a couple of them that you want to race, say, within the next few rides.