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Status: Existing

There is no activity type race/ speed cycling/ biking. Only Biking (Dutch: Fietsrit), Moantainbiking etc.

For more accurate goals and other data it would be very helpful to make a difference between roadbiking and ‘normal’ biking. Where ‘normal’ could be your commute or ride with family. 


You can already set your ride type to 'commute' in the activity with the commute tag.

I would posit that the activity type/Sport 'Ride' is a 'normal' ride (there are other choices for e-bike, mountain bike, gravel bike).  When I ride a commuter bike, ride slowly, etc... I use 'Ride', and then adjust the bike I used, so I can filter on this later (if it is a commute, I tag it as commute as well).

I (personally) think there are just too many activities to choose from, and there has to be a way to reduce them and use tags or some other mechanism... we already have approx. 50 to choose from, the insanity must stop.

Please, upvote this idea - I think it will get you what you want, as well as what I (and others seem to ) want.


I agree on how many activity types there are I only use a handful of them. Would be also nice to disable/ enable them in your account so you would only see the once you use frequently. But that is for another idea!

Status changed to: Existing

Thanks for sharing this suggestion to differentiate between more casual "commute" type of rides and faster rides. As @CreakyCrank mentioned, there are existing tags such as "commute" and "race" to help classify them, as well as gear. These are factors that can be filtered, too.