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Mt. Kenya
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On Garmin connect when I ride my e-bike I can see how much power it have drawn from the battery, and I also have power meters on all my bikes. would it be possible to create a metric for e-bike users to show how much power they put in vs how much power is used from the battery?

also could ebike users on strava be categorised by their bike, for example I have a Mahle EX35 hub drive road bike that is quite light and not very powerful in comparison, I can't go up hills as fast as a chinese Bafang 500W mid drive with almost 3 times the torque output. on the ebike leaderboard segments it would make a lot more sense if it showed which bike each rider was using


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Thanks very much for posting about the additional support you would like to see for Ebikes on Strava.  

We get many hundreds of feature suggestions submitted in a year, and we frequently merge similar or overlapping ideas so when they are viewed by our Product Team, they are consolidated in one place. This also prevents votes from being split across multiple, similar ideas.  Thanks very much for taking the time to share your input.

I would encourage you to add your vote (kudos) and comments to these existing ideas on this topic:



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