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Status: Existing

Apologies, if this has been suggested before but I was unable to find a post about it.

This change would allow a user to edit and then approve activates which have been uploaded to Strava via an API before they are posted. For me it is a annoyance to go and find the find the activities which either I do not want to post and deleted or change the name or description of the activity after it is posted. I think there are 3 things which I would like to see for this. 

  1. A notification that an activity is ready to be posted
  2. A preview of the activity which allows you to edit:
    1. Title
    2. Description
    3. Sport
    4. Sport Type
    5. Commute flag
    6. Gear
    7. Privacy setting
  3. A list of all of the activates which are ready to post so you can bulk edit them.

@Ben_Sangan You could change your privacy settings so that new activities are always private. That gives you the time for editing them before your make them public.

Status changed to: Existing
Moderator Moderator

Hello @Ben_Sangan 

Thanks for posting about this.  As @Jan_Mantau mentioned, although it doesn't work exactly as you have described, this functionality does exist.  

You can set the default visibility of your activities to "only you" and then control if or when you make an activity public.  I personally use this method to so I can edit activities, add photos or descriptions, and ensure the activity recorded correctly before I edit it to make it  public.

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Mt. Kenya

Unfortunately to change my privacy settings just for while I'm on vacation seems to revert EVERY ACTIVITY to private, unless I go change them all now. I guess I could temporarily disappear off of everything. But I do wish this suggestion did exist


@valr217 - There are two different settings.  If you change your profile to private, it will make all of your activities private, but if you change your activity default to "only you", it will just make any new activities that you load private.  That second one should not change anything that has already been uploaded, just stuff that is uploaded after you make that change.  This would be perfect for during a vacation if you don't want those activities to be seen by others.  Just set that default to "only you" when you leave, then change it back to "everyone" when you return.