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Status: Gathering Kudos

Having equipment specific PRs or "Equipment Bests" would allow users to track how their equipment effects their performance. 

Setting a blazing PR on a TT bike may make it so a rider will never be able to match on their road bike. This equipment based PR would allow riders to compare like for like equipment and keep motivation to ride different bikes high (even if they aren't as fast!)


… I ride a lot of segments with both my gravel and mtb … obviously no chance to beat a pr set with the gravel bike with the mtb … would be cool to have gear specific PRs … 


Mt. Kenya

I came here to recommend this idea as well! It would be awesome to be able to have a tab in the leaderboard area similar to “following” or “clubs”, but for equipment. It’d be super useful for back to back testing, it would also just be cool to see!

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STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Mt. Kenya

What a great idea. Like the best idea I’ve ever heard. Ever

Mt. Kenya

I came here to suggest this. When I'm mountain biking on my old 26er hardtail it's clearly slower than my 29er full sus. But my how much? Am I PRing the old hardtail? Or just slow? I'd love to know on a per-bike basis. Also no way I can really match my road bike times on my gravel bike when on tarmac sections. So I have no idea if I was fast or not for that bike.

Various keen roadies have "winter bikes" or training bikes and a different "best bike". Would be super helpful for them too.

And would even be great to see how close to the best time I am on road or gravelly sections on my massive knobbly-tyred full-susser, without comparing it to my light smooth tyred road bike or the gravel one.

Can't request this enough.

Mt. Kenya

I have just raised this same suggestion, as a build to an idea, which is 'under consideration'! Rather than simply gear bests, I think it would be neat to have your all-time PRs first but showing both the time and gear used. Then the ability to drill down into gear specific PRs.