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Status: Gathering Kudos

The additional activities that STRAVA has added has significantly outpaced the options for gear.  Regardless of activity type, the only gear types that can be added to your profile are shoes and bicycles; while shoes are likely being worn for something like skateboarding, or rowing, that's not the primary equipment for that sport.

Gear types I'd like to see (at a minimum):

- board (skate, snow, paddle, surf, kite)

- rower (indoor, canoe, kayak, crew)

- skate (roller, inline, ice)

- Other (elliptical, stair-stepper, skis)


Definitely need Gear options for Snowshoeing! At the very least, let us pick shoes/boots; but ideally I would like to enter my snowshoes themselves.

In the same vein, I would like to add Spikes to all foot-based activities (Run/Walk/Hike). I understand that the gear creep could get just as out-of-hand as the activity creep, but shoes/boots for most activities would be a great start.

Mt. Kenya

Would love to see a devision for rowing boat types as a 1x would be significantly slower than a 4x or 8

Mt. Kenya

Just starting inline skating for fitness and have my old hockey skates still, but have a new pair of more fitness skates on the way, then who knows maybe speed skates? N+1 must apply to all activities right. So I agree with everyone and would like to be able to track diff skates and maybe wheels.

Mt. Kenya

I agree it would be very convenient to have other gear types. For me, it would help to plan my maintenance on my inline skates for instance.

Mt. Kenya

For swimming: wetsuit

Mt. Kenya

Is it possible to add "my skateboards" in "my gears"? For LDP skateboarders this can be a very connivence feature because we are tinkering the equipments all the time.

Mt. Kenya


it would be great if you can add "Skies" as an option to the gear as you do for bikes and shoes. For different snow conditions we can use different skies and it would be great being able to know what ski has been used and therefore knowing also the total use of the gear.

Hopefully more people will find interesting and useful this update.


Mt. Kenya

Just like you want to keep track of your mileage on your shoes, it would be great to have the ability to add new wheels for inline skating like you can add shoes for running.

Keeping track of mileage helps you to know when to rotate your wheels and when to replace. 


Just getting back into in-line skating and similar to a couple folks above, it would be great to have gear support in the app.

Mt. Kenya

I row much quicker in an 8+ than in a 1x 

Pico de Orizaba

It would be nice to add gear to other sports, i.e.:

  • For racquet sports: shoes, racquet, (maybe) ball
  • For SUP, yacht, kayak, etc.: model
  • For ball sports (like soccer): shoes
Mt. Kenya

Great idea!

Nordic Skiing: We need to be able to choose the type of ski that was used in a certain condition, Nordic Skiing is much about knowing what ski to pick in what weather. (Nordic skiing should also be split into classic and skate, but that is another concern.)

Roller Skiing: We need to be able to pick the roller resistance used during the activity i.e. what pair of roller skis out of the gears that was used.

Mt. Kenya

Adding gear for Inline Skating, i.e. a "Skates" section like the "Shoes" section for running would be great. Performance is affected substantially by the type of skates I'm wearing e.g. long wheel-base inline speed skates vs. roller derby quads. Although I can change frame, wheel size, wheel type, bearings and boot separately, I'd be happy with being able to just name a set-up e.g. "Powerslide Kaze 110" or "Rio Rollers Mayhem" rather than going into any more detail. Having Estimated Best Efforts and All-Time PRs for Inline Skating would also be good. 

Mt. Kenya

I love this idea! It doesn't even have to be specified by them down to brand/model. Just have us type whatever we want there. It would be interesting data for me to compare different boats I paddle. Thanks!!

I'd like to see the category paddle craft: canoes/kayaks/OCs/SUP/rowing/etc.

Please clean/brush your footwear and gear when doing activities in new places, you can help slow the spread of invasive species. Cheers!
Mt. Kenya

I’m d like ski boots and skis. Both for backcountry and alpine skiing.