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Status: Gathering Kudos

The additional activities that STRAVA has added has significantly outpaced the options for gear.  Regardless of activity type, the only gear types that can be added to your profile are shoes and bicycles; while shoes are likely being worn for something like skateboarding, or rowing, that's not the primary equipment for that sport.

Gear types I'd like to see (at a minimum):

- board (skate, snow, paddle, surf, kite)

- rower (indoor, canoe, kayak, crew)

- skate (roller, inline, ice)

- Other (elliptical, stair-stepper, skis)

Mt. Kenya

Please give a swimming wetsuit option for open water swimming. It's important to know how long these suits are lasting, as many of them are quite fragile. 

Mt. Kenya

I'd like to add the kayak's I use

Mt. Kenya

The ability to add ski gear just like with bikes. Being able to add your skis, skins, and bindings would be super useful to track your time on them

Mt. Kenya

Although I'm mainly a runner, I love playing tennis and tracking my activity across tennis matches, clinics, and practices. Believe it or not, playing tennis tears up, beats down, and otherwise thrashes shoes MUCH more quickly than running. Having the ability to track my tennis shoe use in Strava would be really helpful -- in much the same ways as it for associating a pair of shoes with running activities. In addition to be able to select a pair of shoes in the details of a saved tennis activity, I'd like to be able to set Tennis as default sport for shoes in My Gear. 

I'm hoping this idea will get some support from my fellow tennis addicts out there!

Here's to big smashes, delicate drop shots, and untouchable aces! Thanks for listening.

Mt. Kenya

At the moment you can only add shoes and bikes (under gear) . Can have a feature so we can add boat models, ski models etc… it doesn’t have to be complicated just name, colour and being able to track how much you use it. (Miles/KM) - fairly simple 


I hope this idea will be implemented soon! I would like to add my ski/snowboard and tennis gear.

Mt. Kenya

+1 vote for inline skate Add Gear option so then Strava can calculate calories for inline skating 🤠

Mt. Kenya

Please expand gear options, and the activities that they can be applied to.  Specifically for me, I want to track the shoes I wear for squash

Mt. Kenya


would really enjoy having this feature too, to add my different cross country skiis to the gear selection especially. As with other gear the glide surface of skis are very much impacting one's performance.

To be able to track and write notes when certain maintenance/grinding of the glide surface of the difference skis was done would be beneficial. Probably for many other sports as well other than biking and running.


Mt. Kenya

very needed for skis! Why do some activity types have gear and some don't in the first place? Just a basic text field for gear is enough, like the original bike+run gear

Mt. Kenya

Default Gear should not be limited to running/biking. 

I referee football and the activities are loaded as soccer so would like to track the use of my boots from these activities. 


Currently there are shoes and bikes available as gear.  Would it be possible to add more kinds or exercise equipment, such as erg rowers?  Strava links to Concept 2 logbook.  It would be nice to see a lifetime meter count.

Mt. Kenya

Under the gear section be able to add snowboards snowboard boots or skis 

Mt. Kenya

Please allow gear to be added for Football activities (soccer).


Mt. Kenya

Yes! This a simple and great idea. I would like to see skis and snowboards as options.

Why hasn't this already been done??