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Status: Gathering Kudos

More options for the primary sports in settings. Why have so many sports that qualify for activities yet you can only choose running or cycling as your primary sport. Please add all available sports to your primary sport drop box as it will allow manual uploading to be simplified and could allow for challenges to be more suitably catered to athletes’ interests. 

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos

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Mt. Kenya

2 options is nothing compared to all the sports people could do..  It's like you go to a grocery store and the only thing they sell is a bag of chips or a microwave meal.. It just doesn't make sense.

Mt. Kenya

This is something I'd very much like to see as well.

Mt. Kenya

I am aware that I can manually select the sport I am tracking, however, it would make things a lot faster and more convenient if I could set "yoga" or "pilates" or "paddleboarding" or "walking" etc. as my default sport.  Please open up the options for the users to choose their own default sport and don't limit us to just running or cycling.