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Status: Gathering Kudos


I want share to you with my idea about expanding club events (wich is very nice feature btw) by making them more "local" oriented and non club depended. What I exactly mean:

- Add a new tab called "events" where all users will be able to create thier own event (main requierment is to add start and end point on map - I tell why leter 😜 ),

-  Adding to "events creator" things such as: event name, description, date, start and end point, type of activty (running, road ride, gravel ride etc.), average speed you want to ride, route you plan to ride, event visibilty (followers, club, everyone) etc,

- Add event search based on user location filtred by distance and type of activity - similar to segments search,

For how will be this feature the best? Definitely for people on vacation or in new places who look for group to ride with and don't wont to join club only for one ride.

I hope you consider my idea 😉


PS. Sorry for my english I'm not a native speaker 🙂


Status changed to: Gathering Kudos

Thanks for submitting your idea to implement local events and be able to search for events based on your location. It has been reviewed by our moderation team and is now open to voting.


I would like to expand on this in that administrator permissions for creating a club event makes membership lead  events impossible.  Administrator permissions would allow too much access, even to the point of deleting the club!   A better approach would be a simple option selector to allow members to create events.  Extending this idea clubs should be able to set some defaults, such as the "members only" and "women only" options on events.

All this is important for the 2023 Strava project to improve club support