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Status: Gathering Kudos

Hello! We are are looking for access to Club Data (Total Distance, Total Time, etc.) that can be manually filtered by dates so that we can compete against other Running Clubs and be able to pull data for the entire month. 

For example our Dallas Muslim Running Club (@rundmrc) would like to compete against the San Francisco Muslim Running Club (@sf.mrc) and in order to do this we need to be able to pull the data for TOTAL mileage for the month (or any set amount of dates). 

We are looking for a way that an admin can pull all activity data for his/her respective club and then export that data in order to filter by date (between XX and XX), filter by activity (Walk v. Run V. Cycle, Etc.) and sort the data (similar to the excel spreadsheet sorting capabilities.) 

Is this a function Strava currently offers? 

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos

Thanks for submitting your idea, currently it's not possible to filter and sort the data in clubs as you have detailed above. Your idea has been reviewed by our moderation team and is now open to voting.

Mt. Kenya

Good morning,

I think it would be interesting to add an opportunity to export data on the activities of club members. Indeed, we are a company that participates in a challenge and we organize it on strava. However, we have to export all the activities manually. I have already seen several companies face this problem.

Mt. Kenya

Also as a comment before my company organice some kind of challenge with their employees and the official app is Strava. Will be nice the admin could export data to Excel or CSV file. Right now we need to request every participant to export their profile data from Strava and then, uploaded to shared storage. Export function is affected by language like data format and titles are different so is very frustrating read information for all participants trough a standard process. Also, user export personal data include a lot of information no needed for our record and is limited by Strava to only one file export per week. You have a great app for groups but also have chances to be better. 

Mt. Kenya

I am currently an Owner to a group of 2175 members (Public Group) and I need to record their weekly acitivity log. The best way is to use the Recent activity function. However, the group is too large, therefore earlier activities will be removed from the list when the list hits the limit. Can you have a function whereby Recent Acitivities will feature everyone's activities for the whole week instead of a limit and cut such that it eases my work. This is because due to the limit of this function, I have to go to every single 2175 member's profile to check and record their activities at the end of the week. Could you find a way to improve on the function maybe?