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From KOM leaderboards, add filter for Pros and  efforts during big UCI races so normal training efforts stand a chance.


It seems like it would be very difficult to determine which results to filter out.  Does something suddenly not count because a rider who used to be a "regular joe" has now turned pro?  Do all past results for pros get wiped from the leaderboards?  What about former pros who are just recreational riders now after retiring a decade or more back?  Who is going to keep track of people who have their pro license in the various different categories?  What determines if someone is a pro?  Do pro triathletes count as a "pro" even though they wouldn't hold a license as a pro cyclist?  Not trying to be difficult here, just pointing out the challenge to try to separate out a specific group.  

Really, for me, when I see a segment leaderboard, I want to know it is showing the best times, not just the best times minus the fast guys.  I will admit that we don't have much of an issue with pro level riders where I am at, so I am a little distanced from those that see that kind of impact.  I may have a different opinion if it was an issue I faced on every ride.

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Your idea has been shared with the product team. Right now, we aren't exploring the possibility of adding/implementing this feature, and your suggestion will be archived.  Please understand that we  receive a very high volume of feature requests, and only those that align with our current focus can be considered.  Thank you for taking the time to submit your idea and we look forward to your continued engagement in the Community Hub

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