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Mt. Kenya
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Hi Strava 

As we all know, hydration is paramount during activities and I've been finding myself running out of water (even though I carry lots of water on board) and struggling to find a public water fountain somewhere near me to refill. I would like to see a public water fountain layer added to the map so that at anytime Strava users can pause their activity look at their map and find a water source nearby.  Just a simple water drop symbol and selecting the water drop on the map would show location details.

Public fountains can be added by Strava users on routes and once verified by another Strava user, it can become a permanent feature on the map.   

In Australia, the fountains are simple water poles with a faucet but can be difficult to find in large parks or open spaces. 

Hope the idea gets considered as I believe it will keep athletes safe whilst training, especially during the Summer months.

Cheers Trajce.




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Thanks so much for your post.  Strava POIs (points of interest) already display this data when available. 

Public water fountains are shown with a water droplet icon on both web and mobile. If they are missing, they can be added through OpenStreetMap.  Below is some information I hope you will find helpful:

If one of the points is inaccurate, for example, a bathroom is closed, or a water fountain isn’t working, how do I report it to the rest of the community?

We ask that you report any issues to our maps data provider, OpenStreetMap, to reflect accurately on Strava Maps. This article has details on how.

Where can I submit a Point of Interest for inclusion on the map?

You can submit the location to our maps data provider, OpenStreetMap using the instructions found here.

Thanks again!


Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team