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Mt. Kenya
Status: Existing

It would be a good idea to be able to make free water stations and paid water stations on your route, so that others can plan their route to hit these water stations (to fill their water bottles)

an additional function is to be visible with a distance countdown (500m) on the bike computer to the water station.

Or on you'r bikecomputer (Garmin or wahoo), a pop up 500 meters to the water point, "shall I show you the way".

Status changed to: Existing

Hi @moeller thanks for submitting this idea. This functionality was implemented earlier this year in the form of Points of Interest. Points of Interest are community-powered local hot spots that help you get around and make your runs, rides and hikes safer and more fun. Places such as bike shops, cafes, water fountains, restrooms and more are included in the map layer now. Everyone can see the Points of Interest map layer, but subscribers can plan routes from the Maps tab or our Routebuilder on the web. To route your activity from one of the suggested Start Points, simply long press on the point and your route recommendations will adjust. If you’re in the middle of an activity and need to find a water fountain or bathroom, just reroute. Thank you for your contribution!

Mt. Kenya

Could you share how to add water points etc to Strava community as you find them? Thanks


@LateStarter great question - the static maps in the Strava feed and on the activity details page are provided by Mapbox, with the data for roads, places, parks, points of interest, and trails sourced from OpenStreetMap.

You can learn more about the Maps used on Strava, and how to make contributions, within our support article here:

If you believe there is data that could benefit from an update, such as adding water stations, we encourage you to visit OpenStreetMap to share your insights.