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Status: Gathering Kudos

Decided to give Strava a go again after having cancelled my premium subsription a few years ago. While some aspects of the routebuilder are really good, this one really prevents me from using it.

I'm planning a route from Belgium to Austria, 1200-1500km, with a gravelbike. I put up my tent every night a few hours after it gets dark so don't have fixed stopping points to add to my routes.

I want to add a start point and endpoint to the route planner (more than 300km apart), and then drag in extra waypoints to see what impact they have on distance and elevation profile.

This is impossible in strava 😞 
The only thing you'll see is this:


and this:


It'll never work. 

I needed to add 10 (TEN!) waypoints to my 1200km route before it would calculate the route from A to B without crashing the web application.

For reference, all these routeplanners do this (some even for free) without crashing, in a matter of seconds, without waypoints added:

  1. Komoot (onetime fee)
  2. RideWithGPS (free)
  3. RouteYou (free)
  4. Bikemap

Frankly, I find it harder to find another routeplanner that has this limitation, than it is to find ones that haven't. 

This issue occurs as soon as you ride long dayrides (250-300km) on mixed terrain. It simply renders the planning app unusable. 

It was this way when i cancelled my premium 2-3 years ago, and it's quite disappointing to see nothing has changed/improved. 




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