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I’ve been syncing indoor top rope and lead climbing sessions from my Garmin 945 to Strava for a while, which has been great. The only thing that’s missing is syncing the YDS grades on the climbs. The activity is recorded on the watch and on Garmin Connect, but the number of routes and difficulty don’t make the transfer to Strava. I think friends on Strava would be really interested to see the route difficulty and it would follow the competitive spirit of Strava. Attached are some examples of the metrics on GC.



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Hello @ewwhitehead 

Thanks for your post!  I'm hoping you can provide me with some additional information so I can better understand what you are suggesting.

Your mention YDS (Yosemite Decimal System) for categorizing climbs.  You mention recording activities, but also routes, and the Garmin screenshot shows routes.

Are you asking for YDS categorizations to be shown on recorded activities, routes or both?  Keep in mind that on Strava, we use the term "routes" to refer to Route planning.  

Thanks for any clarification you can provide on how you would envision this being implemented on Strava.

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team