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Status: Existing

Being able to see what a segment looks like is possible for road cycling with google street view/maps. However for offroad and gravel and downhill not so much and it would be great to use ride images uploaded on strava and link them to specific segments (which might be better now that I think about it). Then there's a button to view within each segment when you're looking at it. Just like seeing the LB for each segment.

or alternatively have a specific hashtag, #Strava32894738402 or #Strava(nameofsegment) that people can tag into their instagram and have a link for people to view there.

It might actually encourage people to do climbs if they see what they're like and what the scenery is like.

Status changed to: Existing

Hey there, thanks for this suggestion. We have implemented photos and community aggregated data on a route level, which may encompass some segments found within. You can read more about it in these support articles: 


Photos on routes isn't the same as photos for segments so the "existing" tag is not deserved here.