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Status: Gathering Kudos


Have you considered showing a marker for distances on the line in the post exercise statistics route visual. Perhaps the orange line could be broken by a white gap for each KM and/or Mile (in free) or custom amount (paid)? Or alternative visual like a symbol etc!? 

It’s nice to see my times for each km when I run but I don’t know from the map when each one started when reviewing my exercise after!


Thanks for considering,


Status changed to: Gathering Kudos

​​Thanks for submitting your idea. It has been reviewed by our moderation team and is now open to voting.

Pico de Orizaba

Great idea!

And maybe with a toggle option to show elapsed activity time or actual time of the day?


I would love this, but it needs to be done in a way that isn't intrusive. Back when I used it, Runkeeper had giant markers that made the map unreadable on out-and-back routes. Either the markers covered a big portion of the route, or they overlapped and were unreadable themselves.

Pico de Orizaba

If you add this feature please make it optional.

Mt. Kenya

Many apps have this by default, so why not Strava?

Pity we have to vote for it to have it implemented. 

Mt. Kenya

Really would love this feature!

Pico de Orizaba


I think it would be helpful to see these markings along the route. They would not be annoying but they would provide information. Besides, other apps already offer them.


Mt. Kenya

I would also like to have distance (km/mile) markers on Stfava maps, it is a basic function it other apps...

Mt. Kenya

It can also be very usefull to see when you have finished a recording for also make new routes with a specific km/miles. Markers for 5km or 1km depending the distance that you walk or cycled. 
And indeed al other apps (Adidas/Nike/etc) have this feature.  

Mt. Kenya

This would be really helpful when reviewing runs to see what other courses were possible and while running to help make a route to the distance you want to run. 
i agree to be able to toggle on and off would be best and that the units should be defined by your settings to either km or miles. 
i really miss this having moved from an app which had it. 

Mt. Kenya

Yes I use this app for outrigging and when we are doing interval distance training or continuous 20km these markers will be handy to see for Pausing at intervals or when doing continuous distance then for every 1km mark, our whole club is looking for the right app to show these markers to know where we are at in our trainings.

Mt. Kenya

I love Strava, but one thing I lack is being able to see a visual split-level breakdown of my workout on the map. This would be incredibly useful for future workout planning. For example, if I did a 10 mile run this week and would like to do a 6 mile run next week, I would like to click into the mapped run and see where on the map are miles 1, 2, 3, etc. so I could plan my next distance appropriately. 


@annavardanyan - If you use the web version of Strava, you can do this currently.  If you open the activity through the web version, there should be a list of the 1-mile splits.  If you hover over each of those in the list, the relevant portion of your run on the map will be highlighted in blue.  I don't see this functionality on the mobile app though.  

Mt. Kenya

Let’s goooooo!!!! We got this Strava dev!!!

Mt. Kenya

When reviewing the post workout analysis and splits it is broken down into laps, it would be useful if those laps markers were displayed on the completed map so you can review which segments of the activity you are faster/ slower on compared to the gradient of that section. 

It's useful to see pace against gradient but most people are familiar with their normal routes and would want to know their pace through a certain section of their activity