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I have certain training circuits I like to use set up as segments because I can track my performance in repeatable efforts.

i have several segments which are my favourite training circuits. I pore over the results, studying the sub segments and working out how I can attack them to optimise the overall performance.


What would be a really great idea would be if, on the segment map, we could create intermediate time checkpoints. Probably only for segments over a certain length, let’s say 20km.

So on the report of the overall segment, there would be a table showing the time checks at the points and then the overall time.


This would really help to work out pacing strategies.


Hey thanks for your post. I'm not entirely sure I understand what you're suggesting here.

You stated "it would be good to be able to create intermediate time checkpoints on the segment map (only for segments over a certain length, let’s say 20km)". What do you mean by segment map and how would this be implemented? By the segment creator, by anyone? How would it be determined and when would it appear - during or after recording an activity?

We have many features that will help you analyze and track your performance on segments: Strava Live Segments will offer some good insight into how you're performing while the activity is taking place (for runs and rides) and you can see if you're trending ahead or behind.
Also, when looking at a segment effort page you can tap the Analyze button to see a detailed instantaneous segment effort analysis and a comparison to your PR on that segment. Please see our article on segment results for more information and detailed screenshots.

We will need more information and clarification from you before deciding if this is something we will consider. Thank you!




Hi @Animal we haven’t heard back from you and will be archiving this idea unless you update us within a week. Thanks!

Status changed to: Archived