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Status: Gathering Kudos

Often, activities are related to races which have their own external websites.

You want to have that ability to add links that are clickable, in your activity's description field(which might be a race's result website). If you paste a link in the description field today, it is not clickable from the activity feed page. It requires going into the activity with an additional click and only then is it possible to open the link. Even then, this link does NOT work even if you navigate into the activity on Android.

Another more focused solution is if the run/ride time is of type "race" there will be an additional field added for a link of that event, which when added can be clickable.

Bonus, we might want to consider activities' comments also having the ability to add clickable links.


Mount Logan

When I insert an URL in the activity description it's clickable both in the Strava web page and in the IOS app. Where does that not work for you? Did you include the https:// ?


I will clarify. It is not clickable from the list of activities where you can still see the description. It is clickable when you go into the activity detail. Will correct the description
I've added them in Android but I get the same result from a Mac web browser:



In addition even this link does NOT work even if you navigate into the activity on Android.

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos
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