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Status: Gathering Kudos

Strava lets you set up multiple bikes so that you can easily track the mileage accumulated on components, but there isn’t a solution for the scenario where you have one bike, and multiple wheelsets. For example, when you have a gravel bike with 700c, and 650b wheelsets.

I would love to be able to:

  • Set up multiple wheelsets in the Gear section in Strava and give each one a short name
  • Assign a default wheelset to a specific bike
  • Be able to manually select which wheelset was in use for a ride activity (see example UI)

This would help me accurately track the wear and tear on my different wheels and their components: tyres, disc brake rotors, cassettes; hubs, spokes, rims. This is particularly important for gravel and mountain bike wheel sets where parts wear much more quickly. That said, the request is also applicable for folks who ride road bikes, because more and more, they have multiple wheelsets as well.

I currently have a gravel bike with a 700c wheelset with 40mm tyres, and a 650b wheelset with 2.4" tyres, and I'm constantly switching between the two, depending on what ride I'm doing. I live in the Pacific Northwest, and we have a lot of terrain options for gravel biking. Being able to track which wheelset I'm using for which rides, would be so helpful!


Status changed to: Gathering Kudos

Thanks for submitting your idea to select different wheelsets for gear. It has been reviewed by our moderation team and is now open to voting.

Mt. Kenya

Great idea


@jonosapien maybe the solution is to have multiple gear for an activity (up to 5 different gear), you have suggested one bike with multiple wheelsets, just to throw a spanner in, I have multiple bikes and multiple wheelsets.

For example I have a road bike & TT bike, training wheelsets & racing wheelsets I have used both wheelsets on both bikes and even mixed it(front wheel only used), using your suggestion I would get 2 summaries(unless its a defined subset). 

Pico de Orizaba

@jonosapienvery good idea and I support this. I had already thought about it, because I have a clyclocrosser for which I have two sets of wheels: a road bike and a cross/gravel wheelset. So you have also different tires and brake discs at the same time. To record the mileage of these components, STRAVA unfortunately lacks the function you suggested.
So far, I have helped myself by creating a second virtual bike (road bike & cross/gravel bike). However, this has the disadvantage that when a component (e.g. the chain) is replaced, I always have to enter this component twice.
So STRAVA (@Soren) : please go ahead and think about this idea!
Mt. Kenya

I have multiple wheels that I change when riding different terrain. It would be great to be able to select the wheel (and tire, and cassette), to accurately keep track of mileage.

Maybe have a library of different gear and then being able to select the active gear.


The idea is to have the option to choose complementary equipment like wheel-set, beside the bike/frame in each activity. This is motivated because for cyclists is common to have more than one wheel-set for each bike and also some wheel-set suitable for more than one bike frame. (Examples: competition wheels used only for some activities, gravel bikes combining road and gravel wheels, etc.) It can be useful to count and know the specific usage of the wheels and to have more details about the activity and the gear used.


I have voted for this idea and have just posted a similar one which, while not offering the full functionality of linking wheelsets between different bikes, would potentially solve this requirement as well as many others too.

Pleased take a look and vote if you think it is a good one:

Additional types when adding components to a bike under My Gear 


Good idea!

Mt. Kenya

Note that a smart trainer could also serve as a wheelset when riding virtual rides with Zwift. If I ride outdoors I just swap out the trainer for the back wheel. The rest of the bike stays the same. Though only the bike as a whole can be assigned to an activity type. (ride, virtual ride) so that means I would need to create a copy of the entire bike and its components with only a different back wheel for to use different wheels for different activities.

Mt. Kenya

great idea. would also be great to be able to remove the wheelset km counting when using the bike on a smart trainer. PS I am new - how do I vote?


YES! The ability to see how many kms on different components would be welcome. Garmin Connect does that very well.

Mt. Kenya

I've asked this question on a few occasions to STRAVA and the response has been underwhelming. Mainly in the form or create a different "Bike" for each wheel set. STRAVA just released messaging on their platform which is nice, but there are so many other ways to contact people in your circle. A nice feature but it's already been done and really doesn't enhance the usability. Many subscribers have asked the same question about changing wheelsets on numerous occasions which STRAVA recommended doing a search to find alternative ways to track your wheelsets. Hopefully this is a feature they add sooner than later. It only makes sense. 


This would be very valuable. I currently maintain a spreadsheet on the side where I copy each bike ride activity manually and then append various gear: tires used, wheel used, pedals used and shoes used.

Initially, it started as a way for me to keep track of how much mileage I've put on my tires, but soon I started getting curious how much I'm picking my gravel shoes versus my road shoes or how often I'm using my 650b wheelset versus my 700c deep rim wheelset. 

Adding native functionality would help me keep track of how much I'm using specific gear. In addition to miles, I also track hours and # rides for each component of gear.

Mt. Kenya

Actually having the possibility of assigning multiple gear to an activity would solve many of these issues. I could then track the mileage on bikes, wheelsets, cranks and whatnot. Using ActivityFix this could even be automated based on ANT+ sensors - a heaven :D.

Mt. Kenya

As I am sure others do, I rotate wheels, tires, and chains on the same bike.  When I "remove" them, it doesn't mean that I am done with them.  I can't track multiple sets with the gear feature as is.  It would be nice to be able to have more than one active component of the same type.