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Status: Gathering Kudos

Both the training calendar and log present already recorded data with links to each activity on a given day, all organized in a weekly grid format; the Training Calendar displays one month at a time with total time, distance, personal records, and number of activities; the Training Log is more dynamic in that it provides a scrolling view of each week with total distances, and the ability to filter by activity, in addition to completed races arranged chronologically.

I'm suggesting 2 things:

1.  Add the monthly aggregate data from the Training Calendar onto the top of the Training Log; this will help reduce some redundancy.

2.  Add the ability to "schedule" your future weekly activities (run, ride, cross-training, etc.) - nothing fancy, just some simple data entry for date, time, distance.  For instance, I have recorded 5 activities this week (Mon-Thurs), and my Training Log shows Total Distance for those, but I have roughly 4 more activities planned for the week, including a 10-mile leg in a relay race.  Ideally, those which have already been uploaded, and those which are scheduled would provide the user a dynamic estimate of weekly/monthly distance; including STRAVA club events which the user has already RSVP'd to would automatically populate the Training Log and provide an absolute one-stop-shop.

Mt. Kenya

The fact we can't forward plan runs into Strava Calendar is waaay behind the times. 
Such an easy add surely.??  Should really be a given for Subscribers.

But what would be perfect is as @TRL suggests, to have your planned training help guide the projected Fitness and Form graph...!? Just like Training Peaks does so well, its so helpful as you finish a final training block and move into your taper...

Please make it happen Strava @bryant