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The 'Matched Rides' feature is brilliant, and very reliable. Can we use it to automatically set metadata for matched activities? 

For example; I use a different bike to commute than to work out, and my commute always takes the same route. It would be brilliant if when I rode that route, and Strava matched it against my other commutes, it automatically tagged it as a commute, and even better, could match the bike I rode in the 'gear' section too. At the moment I have to go in and update each ride, and it's a it of a pain because I forget half the time and then my data's all messy.

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Mt. Kenya

In the spirit of making Strava even more "smart", it would be nice if we could automatically tagg certain activities based on historical ones. Eg. 

If I am commuting every morning / evening (Home > Work and Work > Home), the system should be able to automatically label the future ones as Commute

If I am hiding some activities from my feed (eg. all Commute ones), the system should be able to hide them in the future as well


If I had the ability to add the location of my workplace then my commutes could be easily auto-tagged and silenced. In addition to cleaning up the feed (I feel bad about blowing up my friends feeds with my commuting activity) it would also save me time and prevent me from forgetting to tag a ride as a commute.


There is a web app for this: 

You can set your home and work location there and it will tag it and optionally silence and select gear for it. It works for me for five years now.


Hey Strava 🗺


- I ride back and forth everyday of the week to go to the office, the same route, same distance 

- I need to update these rides manually to say it's commuting and to affect the right bike 


- Would be easy to recognize it or define a "commute" route and automatically tag it as "commute" and attach to it the correct bike and some others settings for instance 

Thanks for reading 

Mt. Kenya

This is exactly what I need. It's such a pain to edit every commute! 👍

Mt. Kenya

It would be great if you can mark an activity, so future activities (rides in this case) with the same route will be given the same name and commute setting. When the algorithm is unsure, because of small deviation, a one time "hey auto rename this yes/no" could be shown, when opening the activity.

My use case example:
1. I commute to work few times a week - these activities I rename to "work" + commute tag
2.I go to the gym few times a week - these activities I rename to sport
3.I do MTB rides, which are custom and do not need renaming, as I also set different gear.
1&2 are cumbersome to do and IMHO quite easy to detect a make strava smarter


You can do this with

Pico de Orizaba

In the settings for the bikes, you should have the option to select "commute". That way, you don't have to select this manually after every ride to work. Many people own a commuter bike. This would make the data collection for Strava easier and reduce the effort for the user.

Mt. Kenya

This would be a great feature as I do the near identical route everyday and have to go in and swap it to a commute every time.

Seems like a fairly straightforward addition as the route is identical.

Mt. Kenya

If one could select "commute" as a type of riding activity like mountain bike ride, or gravel ride, it would really save the effort of changing the gear and editing the type of ride for each commute ride that we do. Strava, please take note.

Pico de Orizaba

Easy solution that covers all the use cases described in this thread so far:

Just create automation to tag as commute / set the right gear / update the activity name based on location, time of day, speed, etc.

Mt. Kenya

I'm ready for Strava to recognize my bike commutes automatically, i.e. if an activity that takes place between 8 and 10 am on a weekday that matches 85% of a route designated as my commute (or has similar start and end locations) is automatically clocked as a commute. It also feels silly for all my little bike commutes to have equal weight as a big long run or equivalent