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Status: Gathering Kudos

I know I submitted this in the old forum, can't find it here:

Please add the ability to track mileage by year by bicycle. For those of us (most cyclists) with more than one bike, it helps us do maintainance at the right intervals, or helps us learn how long certain tires, chains, etc. last.

Right now I can see total mileage per year for all bikes, or forever mileage for each bike. Need to see mileage per year per bike.



Status changed to: Gathering Kudos
Mt. Kenya

Great idea John P. I’d love to see that feature. Thanks for submitting it. 

Mt. Kenya

I just came to propose this idea. 👍


I want to see exactly this and had to use IFTTT to dump my rides to a Google Sheet and then manipulate that. It should absolutely be native in the app.


and it could be nice to have it too in hours for helping maintenance like forks

Mt. Kenya

Yes! It’s such an easy addition to do mileage by bike during the year (i.e. not just cumulative mileage). For those of us doing different types of biking, it’s valuable data.

Mt. Kenya

Strava supports My Gear for adding Bikes and Shoes and maintains a running total as these are applied to an activity.  As a simple first step it would be great to see an annual breakdown for each bike/shoe.  Sure I can make a note of the existing totals on the 1st Jan and then compare those at the end of the year but Strava has all the information so just let us extract it.

If you want to make it more useable then allow the user to specify a time frame and see what gear has been used. 

The only work around at present is to keep retiring a bike and create a new one each year, e.g. Specilized-2023 but that rather destroys the point of having history for a bike!


I see one other sugggestion (skiing and not counting chairlift rides!) seems to have moved to Under Consideration after 43 up votes/likes.

Since this suggestion is at that same point, will it be moved to under consideration?

Thanks, John P.

Mt. Kenya

I came here to request the same feature. Of course it would be nice to have the ability to specify a given time frame and a given piece of equipment,, but annually would be a good start. Pretty Please?

Mt. Kenya

You can add components to the bike on the normal website (not in the APP). There you can specify when they were used for the first time. So you can track how long, for example, the chain is already on it.
As a workaround, you could of course also set a fictitious piece of equipment simply to the 1.1. of the year and then you could see exactly how many KM you have already driven with the bike.

Mt. Kenya

Thank you Holger76

That is exactly what I do to give me the appropriate annual stats for each bike. Since it's so easy then I still can't understand why Strava can't maintain that behind the scenes, even using the same feature, so it can display current annual stats for each bike.

Mt. Kenya

Currently, you can see the mileage for each gear item loaded into the app.  The issue is you can't drill down to see the usage per year, it only shows a total for that one gear.

For maintenance (and other) purposes, it woudl be helpful to see where the mileage is at with a given timeframe, or calendar year (in addition to the total already shown).


I would prefer to be able to see bike stats splits per bike and time frame (year or month) and not totals per bike.

This way it makes it easier to quickly figure out how much you have used each bike over a given time frame to sort out how many kms have i done with current chain etc.

Mt. Kenya

+1 for this.

And in addition it would also be great to see all workouts for a given bike. 

Mt. Kenya

Dear Strava Support, it is pretty sad to see that the stats about the data in my strava feed are still very poor. Having a subscription would make me think that I would not need to look for 3rd party options or to use MS Excel to generate stats. Why is it not possible to have overviews of my runs/rides etc often than once a year...? Why is it possible to add several bikes to the My Gears section, if I cannot see the annual milage? If you already offer the possibility to track milage of the components of my bikes, why is there no feature for e.g. adding a warning when I already have X kms in my brake pads, chains, etc? In the last few years the only development you have launched (apart from the price increase) is the messaging function, which is nice, but does not really mean a lot for me. Those features mentioned above would bring the real benefit! Do you ever plan to add these things...? thanks for your reply in advance, Zoltán