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Sometimes it's boring to get notifications for each new comment on a specific post or activity you made a comment : 

"Random Joe and 12 others commented on a post you commented"

Sometimes you have to comment to enter a contest or you made a comment on a pro athlete activity and you get a tons of unwanted notifications for each new comment...

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Mt. Kenya

Yes, I second this! Specifically, I have been getting notifications for MONTHS about each new subtly racist comment on a The Strava Club post featuring the founder of the Black Cyclists Network. I get both emails and in-app notifications for each one. It's so frustrating that my choices for avoiding the vitriol seem to be turning off notifications for ALL posts, losing my chance to connect and stay connected with other (decent) people on Strava, or engaging in the futile activity of blocking each racist, one by one. Please make it possible to turn off comment notifications for specific posts 🙏