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I ride in areas with no network access. With no access there is no Strava map to see. Yes if you are lucky to have got a map on your device with network access you can use it, although the non network map is degraded. But, if for some reason you have to restart your recording, the map is gone. Really, Strava needs to have a way to download base maps and heatmap info, that can be used while recording a route. 

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Hello @Staymoving 

Thanks so much for your post.  It is possible download maps to your phone App.

You can do this from the routes detail page on the mobile app. Navigate to Maps>Saved>Saved Routes. Select the route you would like to download for offline use then select the following icon:





I hope that's helpful.



Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team


I agree one can preload a planned route one saved. What does one do, if you just want to record a ride, while looking at a Strava base map that also includes heatmap info and there is no network access? 

Mt. Kenya

I would like to download new basemaps because the current ones either suck and/or Strava applies strange heuristics to decide when to display a trail name, for example. I am sitting here like an idiot spinning the map around and zooming in and out to get Strava to give me a trail name. This wasn’t the case before OpenStreetMaps. I am about fed up and am going back to the free tier and rely more on RideWithGPS.