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Status: Gathering Kudos

In the Following features: it is counter intuitive to have a drop down menu of Im 'Following , Following Me, Who to Follow' 

For example, If I follow a professional athlete, let's say they don't follow me back, and I'm in the 'I'm Following' section of the drop down menu (Who to Follow, I'm following, Following me), it would be more informative to visibly see that the person aka the hypothetical professional athlete is not following me and or 'does not follow', instead of showing that I'm 'Following' them, when this information is already letting me know that I'm following them by choosing the 'I'm Following' option on the drop bar menu. 

(It's the grey rectangular outline box with the words showing that I am 'Following' on the right of page to that person's name / city association)


In the screenshot below, Wout van Aert does not follow me, I already know 'I'm Following' him. Could be improved to show on the right, that he does not follow me because the drop menu is already providing this information. Thus, rendering the same information twice as a repeat. 



Status changed to: Gathering Kudos
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