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On a laptop, when looking at the map for a RUN activity, selecting the "Full Screen" option actually makes the map smaller - it takes up about 45% of the vertical height of the screen, and the rest of the screen is taken up by a huge altitude profile and alot of white space. If you do this for a RIDE activity, it works correctly - selecting the "Full Screen" option makes the map larger - it takes up about 80% of the vertical height of the screen. Please change the way the "Full Screen" option works for RUN activity, so that it works the same way that it does for RIDE activity. Strava people - see ticket #2923073 for more details.


For me the map of the run in fullscreen got larger, it takes 60% of my vertical screen size. What screen resolution do you have? Mine is 1920x1080.


Hi, thanks Jan, I also have 1920x1080. I think it can't be anything to do with screen resolution, because when the activity is a RIDE, it does what I expect it to do - shows an enlarged map, taking up 80% of the vertical height of the screen. I just want it to do for a RUN what it already does for a RIDE. I raised this as a ticket with Strava, and they said this is not because of user settings, and I should post it to this board.


I found out a bit more about this.

I never noticed this before, but on full screen, the chart below the map is different for RUNS and RIDES.

On a RUN, the chart shows altitude, and has toggle buttons to also show pace / heart rate / cadence.

On a RIDE, the chart only shows altitude, with no options to show pace / heart rate / cadence.

Is this something I can configure myself ?

If not, why is the chart different for different activity types ? Surely pace / heart rate / cadence are equally interesting - or not interesting - to both runners and riders ?

If not user-configurable, the ideal fix, IMHO, would be to let the user toggle the chart on and off, so there is at least an option for a genuine full screen map.

As things stand, surely a "Full Screen" button that actually makes the map SMALLER must be considered a flaw that should be corrected ?

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Hi @GeraldH 

Thanks for your post. Just to let you know, how much room the run map takes up on the screen when you select full screen does depend somewhat on your screen resolution, as well as your aspect ratio.  You're correct that run full screen maps render differently than ride full screen maps.

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Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team


Jane, thank you. So I experimented with changing Screen Resolution, and also scaling, and for both of these factors, there are some settings that make a noticeable difference - sometimes slightly better, sometimes even worse. But I think that's kind of irrelevant. If I've got my screen resolution and scaling set up the way I want, for everything else I do on my laptop, why should I have to change it just to make a Strava / RUN / Full Screen work a little better ? And then reset the screen resolution and scaling when I want to look at a Strava / RIDE / Full Screen ? The important point here is that Strava works pretty well for a RIDE full screen, but works poorly for a RUN full screen. And it seems obvious to me that this is simply because a Strava RUN full screen allocates too much space to the chart below the map, perhaps because it also includes Altitude / Pace / Heart Rate / Cadence. While a Strava RIDE full screen allocates most of the screen to the map, and only shows Altitude. Ideally, we'd be able to click and drag to resize the chart / map boundary.